Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Solve problems with circle time!

We use circle time for lots of things like problems.

Circle time is not only about problems it can also be about happy moments in lunch or thanking people.

None the less it still has rules.                                     

Ø Be positive

Ø Listen respectfully

Ø Each person has a turn

Ø Don’t use names

Ø Try to fix the problem not make it bigger

Ø Right to pass

Ø Use I  messages as in say the story in your perspective

Ø Think before you act and say
We all used the rules but sometimes we need some time for cooling off.

For example we had a problem in the playground when something happened and then something else happened because of the thing before and so on and so on. The problem got bigger and bigger till we need a circle time. This did help BUT we still needed the weekend to cool off.

We are now friends again but we still have problems.

Circle time is now a massive part of our class.

Try it next time you have a problem.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Dover 3/4 Class Takes Up The Challenge!

Hello fans,
Thank you for supporting us.
Dover 3/4 has taken up the challenge of "saying 10 positive things in 10 days".
Watch this awesome video-it is up in space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out Dover's blog
This is Dover 3/4 receiving our friendCHIPS letters because we love what they did.
Come and enjoy our challenge with us!!!

Thank you for inspiring us with this awesome project. Keep it going and we'll be famous! - Ryan, Grade 3/4 Dover

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The "Say 10 positive things in 10 days" Challenge

We challenge other schools to take on the friendCHIPS challenge.

Say 10 positive things in 10 days.

Watch our video:

There are lots of ways to be positive to other people -  how many can you think of? e.g.
  • giving compliments, 
  • thanking them ( e.g. for being caring, helping, including, positive, smiling), 
  • being appreciative of something you are doing together ("I really enjoyed playing with you.")
Please comment:
  • Tell us some of the positive things you said to people.
  • Tell us how you felt when someone said something positive to you. 

Create a Say Something Positive Wall

We have a whole wall where we thank other people for being caring, helping, including, positive or smiling. You could have one too!

Some examples:
"Thank you Emily. When I had no one to play with you included me."

"To Alex, you helped me draw a horse and made me laugh, thankyou!"

Create a Say something positive circle

Thanks to the Dover Grade 3 class for this suggestion. 

  • Sit in a circle so you are not next to special friends. 
  • One person starts. Turn to the person to your left and say something positive. Thank them for doing something that is Caring, Helping, Including, Positive or Smiling
  • The person who has been thanked then turns to the person on their left and says something positive. 
  • Continue moving clockwise around the circle and spread positiveness!
  • If you want to do it again, try going anti-clockwise.